Our Research

Nurturing Ecosystems, Empowering Communities

Our goal is to steward our sites and ecosystems intact in perpetuity, for the community to enjoy, forever, in a natural state, rare promotes the lands as a living laboratory for research — including in-house monitoring programs and partnerships with other institutions, citizen scientists, artists and Indigenous Peoples.

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Current Research

With over 1,200 acres preserved indefinitely, we offer a stable platform for long-term research endeavors.

Past Research

Our commitment to long-term preservation provides stability for multi-year projects, fostering scientific inquiry and stewardship of our natural environment.
World spinning
World spinning
Impact of hybridization on native crabapple (Malus coronaria) by domestic apple (Malus domestic) in southern Ontario
Examining patterns of insect population dynamics and biocontrol in natural and agricultural systems
Predicting population level effects of microplastics ingestion on the behaviour of fishes
The Bug-Network comparative study