About the Farm

An area of rare dedicated to sustainable agriculture and associated research and education. Springbank Farm features a community garden with 110 plots, a demonstration garden for educational purposes and a food bank garden dedicated to growing fresh organic produce for local food banks.

rare’s Community Gardens is one of the largest non-governmentally owned in Waterloo Region, providing space for those to grow fruits, vegetables and other plants who would otherwise not be able to.

Working at Springbank Farm; Photo by Sydney Daniels

Volunteer at Springbank Farm

Located at 681 Blair Road, Springbank Farm welcomes volunteers during the summer and autumn months to help plant, maintain and harvest food at our food bank garden. The Sunday volunteer dates are limited to those 18 and up. Join us:

Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon
Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Previous Projects


We are grateful that the Minjimendan project has had a home at rare for the benefit of the community for two years (2018-2020). Out of respect for the wishes of those involved, we are unable to extend our thanks to any particular person but we look forward to seeing the Minjimendan project flourish in a new location in Waterloo Region for the community to enjoy. Minjimendan was located at rare’s Springbank Farm sustainability hub, a multipurpose site and community garden that is also the location of rare’s staff-led food bank garden, established in 2012 and providing thousands of pounds of food to all community members who need it.

The lands, owned by rare to be protected intact and in perpetuity, will continue to be stewarded with the help of rare’s various community partners, including knowledge keepers and staff from the Indigenous community, and will continue to be used to provide food to Indigenous community members and others in need. The rare-led food bank garden continues to be supported by a rare-owned greenhouse for seed starting that, due to the pandemic restrictions, is being operated by a single rare staff member who is determined to see the food production run at full capacity.