We maintain our trails free to use by the community between sunrise and sunset. We welcome individual photographs taken for non-commercial use, as long as photographers remain on the designated trails and do not disrupt sensitive landscapes, habitats, or research projects happening at rare. We invite photographers to share their experiences at rare across their social media platforms, tagging @rare_sites.

Commercial and Event Photographers

Commercial photographers and event photographers are required to book the site and pay a fee to help rare maintain and protect its lands now and into the future. Bookings will only be confirmed Mon-Fri from 9-4.  Statutory holidays excluded.

The minimum fee is $60 for a 45-minute session. Photographers who do not book ahead of time will be asked to leave if they are found disturbing an exisiting rare event.

Photography Session Booking

To rent space at rare for celebrations of life, weddings, birthdays or other events, please contact theslitbarn@gmail.com.