Apply to conduct research

Research Applications

Before starting a research project at rare, all researchers need to fill out a Research and Land Use Application Form. We recommending contacting us and visiting the site beforehand. Make sure to send in your application at least 4 weeks before you plan to start your project.

Apply to Conduct Research

The Review Process

The application goes through a review process by different committees, and final approval comes from the Executive Director. Following approval, we askresearchers to report the GPS locations of their specific research sites (often chosen in conjunction with the Research staff) and/or a site map.


Students should give a copy of their thesis or dissertation when they finish, and for long projects, provide yearly updates. Any papers you publish about your research at rare should mention the rare Charitable Research Reserve and give them a copy for their library.
World spinning
World spinning
Impact of hybridization on native crabapple (Malus coronaria) by domestic apple (Malus domestic) in southern Ontario
Examining patterns of insect population dynamics and biocontrol in natural and agricultural systems
Predicting population level effects of microplastics ingestion on the behaviour of fishes
The Bug-Network comparative study