Meet Our team

Meet our passionate rare team, consisting of individuals with varied backgrounds in education, skills and expertise. Their dedication to rare’s mission of conservation, research and education is propelled by their belief of rare’s limitless growth.

Stephanie Sobek-Swant

Executive Director

Contact Info: stephanie.sobek-swant at or 519-650-9336 x113

Veronica Chapman

Manager Finance, Fundraising and Administration

Contact info: veronica.chapman at or 519-650-9336 x120

Christine Thompson

Major Gifts Manager

Contact Info: christine.thompson at or 519-650-9336 x118

Chris Ainsworth

Sponsorship and Events Manager

Contact Info: chris.ainsworth at or 226-989-8838

Jenna Quinn

Program Scientist - Research & Education Priorities, Partnerships, & Monitoring

Contact Info: jenna.quinn at or 519-650-9336 x111

Taryn Jarvis

Property, Facilities and Garden Coordinator

Contact info: taryn.jarvis at or 519-650-9336 x115

Laura Klein

Gosling Engagement Coordinator

Contact info: laura.klein at or 519-650-9336 x126

Tom Woodcock

Planning Ecologist

Contact info: tom.woodcock at or 519-650-9336 x121

Alissa Fraser

Conservation Technician

Contact Info: alissa.fraser at or 519-650-9336 x114

Kim Robichaud

Administrative Coordinator

Contact info: kim.robichaud at or 519-650-9336 x125

Gabby Crowley

Administrative Assistant

Contact info: gabby.crowley at or 519-650-9336 x120

Picture of our Educator, Matthew

Matt McGuire

Gill Ratcliffe Educator

Contact info: matt.mcguire at or 519-650-9336 x112

Mackenzie Lespérance / Smiling Water

Indigenous Research Fellow

Contact Info: mackenzie.lesperance at or 519-650-9336 x123

bumble bee

Tamanna Kohi

Development and Communications Officer

Contact info: tamanna.kohi at or 519-650-9336 x122

Istafa Sufi


Contact info: istafa.sufi at or 519-650-9336 x116