Protecting the land now and forever

We are a community-based land trust and environmental institute dedicated to protecting over 1,200 acres of environmentally sensitive land across Waterloo Region and Wellington County.
What we do

Connect with the land

Protecting land for the health and wellbeing of the community.

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For the next generation
Register for upcoming kids programs.
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Explore the 14+ kilometres of trails, free and open for the benefit of the public.

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Support research projects, fight invasive species, plant trees and more.

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Explore and celebrate our outdoor spaces atevents, seminars, invasive species pulls, nature walks and more.

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Conservation, research, and education that lasts for generations, and you make it possible.


What happens here


Protecting and restoring these lands to their healthy natural state.


Expanding our understanding of the environment through the support of research projects.


Sparking a sense of wonder in nature and build support in the community for the protection of these lands.
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The rare Charitable Research Reserve stewards over 1,200 acres of land, but we are not the first to do so.

Land Acknowledgement